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Accelerated Reader / Renaissance Place / AR Book Find
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Thursday, May 01, 2014
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C.E.S.  uses the on-line Accelerated Reader and STAR READER programs!  RENAISSANCE PLACE has proven to be an exciting addition to our school.  This program allows students to enter through the school's computer server to the REN PLACE server. Our students and teachers are able to access the AR and STAR tests during regular school hours.  Both students and teachers are learning this new version very well.  View the chart colors to see the Lexile and AR grade equivalent number that corresponds with each color dot.

If you would like to login from home and check your students scores and test history you may do so by clicking on this link  HomeConnect/Login Students are not permitted to take AR quizzes from home.

While at home you may also check to see if books you have in your home collection are available for on-line testing.  You may check books by title, author, or you can locate titles by typing in the child's reading level (i.e. 3.0- 3.2).  To check all titles available through RENAISSANCE PLACE you may click on the following link  {We recommend you work through an advanced search and also, scroll down, on that same page, and click on 'Show Lexile Measure' to check the Lexile level of this book.}

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