Drama Club

Purpose: Drama Club is designed to help students learn the aspects of theater and drama techniques. Fourth and fifth grade students have the opportunity to perform on stage using the choreography, singing, and acting skills that they've learned. Drama club promotes reading and speaking skills as well as self confidence. 


Katie Madden, Katy McKenzie, and Dana Pearce: Teacher Sponsors

Melissa Stamps: Choreographer

Joey Huckeba: Production Manager

Fox Theatre Field Trip

2020 Production: Wizard of Oz

CES Drama Club presents the production of The Wizard of Oz- Young Performer's Edition at the Carrollton Cultural Arts on February 27th and 28th at 7:00 PM.  Ticket prices are $5. 


Ad Sales

Sponsors interested in purchasing an ad for the production program should contact our production manager, Joey Huckeba at joeyhuckeba@gmail.com or 770)853-8500.

Balcony Level: $50 name listed with 2 production tickets

Dress Circle: $100 1/4 page with 4 tickets

Orchestra Level: $200 1/2 page with 6 tickets

Director's Circle: $300 3/4 pages with 8 tickets

Platinum Level: $400 full page with 10 tickets



Production Practice

Every Monday and Wednesday until 5:00- Check Bloomz messages for practice location.